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Pankaj Singh

@letsuser | Posted 07 Oct, 2018 |

What is the purpose of school?

teacherr blog

digital marketing | Posted 04 Nov, 2019

The main reason we attend school is to gain the skills and education required to live autonomously and with success. school additionally teaches us social skills we'll want in our future lives and careers.

Frantastic FF

Consulting | Posted 09 Jul, 2019

Education is one of the most imperative and the growing sector in India that offers a whole lot of business opportunities for the people beholding to enter the business world. There are numerous academies and institutes that are into great corporate and have introduced their twigs all over the country. 

Kaintal School

Teacher | Posted 22 May, 2019

Schools are very important. Its a place were we build relationships with others, which boost our social confidence. If we are not educated then we do not have the skills needed to function in everyday society. It not only helps students learn necessary concepts and skills, but it also allows students to interact with other students socially, academically, and emotionally.

bobmarley kingg

Digital Marketing Executive | Posted 16 Apr, 2019

School is also important because of the relationships you build with others, which makes your social confidence increase. School also makes us a better nation. For example on earth day the school takes kids out to clean up the local neighborhood. My point is school is helping kids everywhere.

Mayank Gupta

@Mayank | Posted 16 Apr, 2019

Most of the Indian students when asked about the formal structure of education often seen to have an unanimous consent about the need to change the education system of the country. The current education system is considered to be as a system producing book worms rather than the smart and active citizens. 

The formal structure begins with the school education particularly playway schools. The students are expected to learn values, ethics, manners, discipline, etiquettes, etc. What most of the schools in the world do in the playway is to make the children learn certain qualities and traits like respect of elders and love for the friends, team work, the traits of sympathy and empathy towards etc. These values form the basics of the life. Thus are very important to inculcate these values in the young minds.

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But what are schools do from the Play way itself is to make the children learn the alphabets, counting and all those stuff which nowhere are effective to make a child turn into a good citizen. Indian schools are only making machines by making the students learn and learn and cram whole their school life. There are no interactive classes,whatever is studied a decade ago is still prevelant. There is no change in curriculum no change in pedagogy. Indian schools just make the students learn how to survive with the utmost pressure of studies. 

There is neither learning which takes place nor knowledge sharing which is the most crucial that schools should focus on. Students go to schools, learn the things, cram the information in the name of knowledge and vomit the same in the exams. Thus passing the exams is the main concern in the Indian education. It does not matter how much you know it or retain it.

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Thus, the main purpose of the schooling is somewhere compromised in the name of jobs. Because in order to get a decent job u need to pass schools , college education and some other degrees. These degrees define the future. In schools if you see major focus is on studies...And the other co-curricular actives are neglected. If a students is interested into making his/her future into dancing or singing or artist or into sports then why not to give support and training from the very beginning. This is where our system lacks. The education models of South Korea nd Finland are the perfect examples to be followed. 

Thus the major purpose of schooling is somewhere seen to be finished. We need to rebuild it like our GUrukuls which were the world famous and India was the center of education.

Priyal Verma

Student | Posted 03 Apr, 2019

Schools are supposed to be the pillars of learning.They are what makes the foundation of our education.But,that's not all what schools are about.People call schools second home as they teach you about everything tremendously.

They serve their primary purpose by infusing us with loads of information and knowledge about all the subjects there are like science,environmental studies,literature,mathematics etc.The teachers act as our lighthouses helping us every step of the way,to help us to grow and to learn.But aside from textbook knowledge,schools help us build our social skills and try to inculcate in us some life skills as well.You discover yourself a lot throughout the course of one's school life.You also come across failures in school which could be in the academic or cultural arena.You find out about your likes and dislikes,your interests and your passions.Schools  give you a platform to discover yourself and experiment with yourself.You can put yourself out there and go for competitions,be a part of societies and be on positions of responsibilities,getting out of your comfort zone and trying new things.Also,you interact with various kinds of people,discover various emotions and undergo changes within yourself which tell you a lot about life.Schools also pour in some discipline in your life,keeping in mind it's strict timings,dress code and general code of conduct.It sets us straight to embark the topsy turvy journey that is ,life.

Halcyon Tech

training | Posted 03 Apr, 2019

For gaining Knowledge, respect, polite all the thinks   we can learn from schools only

pandey nandan

St. Mary\\\'s College | Posted 20 Nov, 2018

According to me school is nothing. But just for time pass parents will sent their children to school, children will interact with each other in school to understand about something which they don’t know but its need to them in future for their lively hood it may be friendship, they learn about the emotions , feeling to express , they feel and , their needs , and knowledge , about the life……..just for time pass parents sent them to school , but in home parents can not teach but in school they will lean somethings which teachers can not teach , but them self can learn it may be somethings in life 

Zyan Malik

Blogger | Posted 08 Nov, 2018

The major aim of any school is to develop and nurture curiosity among students which helps them learn how to learn.

The current education system is sadly not giving the students the right environment to develop an appreciation for the topics.
Another factor is that we don’t honor scientists and intellectuals as much as we honor “fortune 500 lists”.
As a result, the students are forced to study for money,not knowledge.

Satindra Chauhan

@letsuser | Posted 09 Oct, 2018

Sir strongly agree with you.

Ashok Ganguly

Educationist & Former Chairman, CBSE | Posted 09 Oct, 2018

  The key qualities a school must endeavour to impart in its students include

 > Ability to think 

 > A natural curiosity
 > A reasonable imagination
 > Communication Skills and
 > Mathematical skills 

These are hard skills. We also acquire some soft skills like 

 > Sense of ethics
 > Humility
 > Being a team player

Schools should not be visualized as a place with boundaries, fixed time tables to learn fragmented knowledge divided into compartment of subjects and routine/repetitive teaching to deliver information.


The very purpose of a school is to generate imagination among children which will further lead to innovation, innovation will then lead to entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship and creativity will lead to income generation and income generation will finally lead to better quality and higher quality of life.