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What’s wrong with Iron Man’s helmet in Avengers: Endgame trailer?


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Since the much-awaited trailer of Avengers 4, titled Endgame hit the screens, Marvel fans are full of excitement, theories, and speculations.

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While some say that Iron Man is going to die in space, some believe that Captain Marvel will save him, and it is Captain America instead, who is going to die. One theory also suggests that Iron Man is to make a sacrifice which is connected to Spiderman in this movie. All of this justifies the name given to the movie –Endgame.

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Apart from all this, there is A LOT that the fans are making out from this 2 minutes 30 seconds trailer. It is as if they are bent on stretching on the game of finding and revealing until they get another trailer to satisfy their excitement.

This time, it’s everyone’s favorite Iron Man’s helmet that has caught the eye of one fan, as he took to Twitter to reveal a mistake committed by Marvel.

avengers-endgame-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Bollywoodlife.com)

Seems like he is right too. It’s the scene where Thanos damages the helmet of Iron Man in Infinity War, to which this fan takes us back. It is said that the right side of Tony’s helmet was damaged, while the new movie’s trailer shows that the left side is damaged.

avengers-endgame-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Reddit) 

No wonder the trailer has broken the record of the most viewed trailers, crossing 290 million views. Marvel fans are viewing each and every second of the trailer very minutely as if they can guess the plot of the whole movie just with the trailer. Haha!


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