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Rahul Mehra

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What should vegetarians eat in winters to prevent themselves from catching cold?


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When we talk about the ideal food for winters, we talk about only non-vegetarian food items. Chicken soup, fish, eggs, etc., are the first things that come to our mind whenever we have to have the food items that can keep us warm from the inside so that we don’t catch a cold.

Due to high protein-content in non-vegetarian food items, they are considered essential for our immune system. It is not like, however, that vegetarians don’t have any option to strengthen their immune system.

Following are some food items that vegetarians can take to prevent themselves from catching a cold.

For the breakfast

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Vegetarians can take bread, poha, upma, or halwa of wheat flour (which has jaggery instead of sugar) in the breakfast. Having fruits in breakfast can also help in fighting against winters. Milk, along with the cream, is an essential food item that your breakfast should constitute. As the saying goes, have breakfast like a king.

Fruits that are beneficial in the winters

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Fruits like apple, sweet potato, oranges, red grapes, kiwi, pomegranate, gourd, and guava are good to take in winters. These fruits are specially meant for increasing the immunity in the human body. Having these fruits in the breakfast keeps you healthy.

For the lunch

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You may have lentils and rice for lunch, along with tortillas and seasonal vegetables. Having curd or buttermilk is very important. It is recommended to take green leafy vegetables as much as possible in winters. You can also have mint chutney. Your lunch should be a bit lighter than your breakfast.

For the dinner

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Regardless of your diet, one must not miss a meal in the winters. Completing the saying I left incomplete before, one should have dinner like a beggar. If possible have porridge (made up with vegetables) or Khichdi for dinner. Have milk with turmeric at night.


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