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Sanya Chopra

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What type of alcohol is not good for skin?


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If you are one of them who desperately waits for Friday evening to get high, then there's a piece of bad news for you. Your favorite drink might be adding a few years to your face without you even realizing it.

While there are hundreds of benefits of drinking alcohol, it's not a new thing to say that it comes with loads of side effects as well. Besides affecting the liver and adding to weight gain, it also alters the skin and you will be surprised to know that your favorite alcoholic drinks might be damaging your skin. Below are 4 drinks which you should avoid as much as possible:

1. Beer

2. White wine

3. Rum/Whiskey

4. Cocktails

What to drink then?

If you are wondering, you have no option left to drink on weekends then vodka would be apt for you. According to studies,the clearer the alcohol the less damaging it is on the skin. Hence, you should go for vodka and gin over whiskey and wine.

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The dangerous alcohols in some healthy skin items are commonly straightforward or denatured alcohols, which are made utilizing oil based fixings. At the end of the day, not so much something you need on your skin or in your circulatory system. These not really skin-accommodating alcohols incorporate ethanol, isopropyl liquor, and liquor denat.