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Which are the top gyms and fitness centers in Dwarka?


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Dwarka is as much famous for its gyms and fitness centers, as it is for its street food. At the places like Sector-7 and Sector-10 in Dwarka, you can find a gym after every 10 steps.

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Also, all of these fitness and training centers are so good and famous that people from even other places visit the gyms situated here. Enlisted below are the top five gyms and fitness training centers in Dwarka.

1. Gold’s Gym

The founder of the Gold’s gym is an international health club which came to India back in 2002, and started it journey from Mumbai. Now after 16 years of its presence in India, we don’t have to travel so far to avail the finest quality fitness services.

For all the Dwarkawalas, Gold’s Gym is situated in Sector-7, Dwarka. The gym is well-equipped with cardio section, functional training, weight training, and many other modern fitness facilities. You will get here the global training environment and highly professional staff.

2. Sportsfit by MS Dhoni

The name says it all now, doesn’t it? This fitness center is no less than a blessing for all the fitness freaks in Dwarka.

The services you can avail here are Cardio, functional, and strength sections. It also conducts various workshops like ABT, Core, Spinning, and Zumba. You can have the facility of your personalized workout plans and trainers to make your training sessions hassle-free.

3. Urban Yoga Studio

The yoga studio specializes in Power Yoga for weight loss and Asthana Yoga for flexiility. The highly qualified yoga gurus take sessions of both kids and adults.

This center focusses on both physical and mental health of its clients through meditation, pranayama, and different yogasana.

4. My Fitness Capsule

This fitness center, located in Sector-5, is known for its entertaining way of conducting fitness sessions. Most importantly, it believes in fitness through dance.

Apart from dance as an essential exercise, the center has Cardio, Strength, Aerobics, and Zumba. Also, the counselor here prepares a diet chart for all the clients.

5. Enigma Fitness

If you are a fitness freak, you must be aware of this name, it being one of the leading chains in the world of fitness. In Dwarka, its centers are situated in Sector 10 and Sector 21.

The clubs specialize in weight loss, weight gain, and building muscle mass. They also keep organizing boot camps and functional training sessions to make your fitness training wide and varied.


@xn8sports | Posted on

Top 10 Gyms in Dwarka

1. Battlefield Gym, Sector – 12

2. Gold’s Gym, Sector – 7

3. The Quads Gym, Sector – 7

4. Enigma Fitness, Sector 10

5. Sports Fit by MS Dhoni, Sector 7

6. Mirage Health Club, Sector 10

7. Absolute Fitness Gym and Spa, Sector 12

8. Sehat World, Sector 23

9. Get Fit Fitness Studio, Sector 7

10. Sparta Gym, Sector 13


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