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Suraj Singh

Digital Marketing Executive | Posted on | Sports

Which team will win cricket world cup trophy of 2019?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

As an Indian, I would definitely want India to win Cricket world cup trophy of 2019.

But then there's a good chance that it might not happen. One of the biggest reasons behind that is India's poor performance in England. The last time Indian team toured the English country, it was handed a devastating defeat.

The playing conditions there are quite different and difficult. And Indian players have always struggled with that.

So, this is the biggest challenge for men in blue in their quest to lift the World Cup trophy for the third time.

Letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Hindustan Times)

High competition from other teams is another major challenge why that might not happen. Australia and England remain a favorite of many.

Ruling out New Zealand and West Indies would be absurd.

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These teams have a decent track record in England. They also pack some great players.

So, if India wants to win the Cricket world cup trophy of 2019, it has to outdo each of these teams. And it's not going to be easy.

Sourav Ganguly picked four teams for the Semifinals: India, Pakistan, Australia, and England.

I would say: India, England, WI, and Australia.

In the finals, we might very well see England vs. Australia, which is another exciting cricket rivalry.

(Courtesy: Sportswallah)

But then I really, really hope that India wins. It would be the last World Cup for Dhoni. Seeing him lift the trophy again would be a complete spectacle. (Yes, I know, Kohli is the "captain". But we all know who's the real captain of the team. ;))

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