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Sneha Bhatiya

Student ( Makhan Lal Chaturvedi University ,Bhopal) | Posted on | astrology

Who all will be affected today, on 12th January, according to numerology?


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Numerology is a branch of astrology itself. The difference between the two is that while astrology is based on the time and date of your birth, numerology is based on numbers. 

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Numerology has its origins in the nine planets. Every planet is given a number according to numerology. So everything depends on the number of Sun, Moon, Jupiter, Uranus, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Mars.  

How much will you be affected today, according to numerology, depends not on your zodiac but on the number of your planets. 

Planet 1, Sun: There are chances of meeting a stranger. The possibility is that the stranger will become your very good friend. 

Planet 2, Mars: Your health can be affected today. Don’t consume any medicine without the advice of a doctor. You will start feeling good on your own, eventually. 

Planet 3, Mercury: Don’t worry about future too much as that can affect your present. It’s better to focus more on your present only. 

Planet 4, Jupiter: Do whatever you are doing confidently and with a belief in yourself. Don’t hide anything from anyone as it can create trust issues between your acquaintances and you. 

Planet 5, Venus: Take any financial or personal decision only after the proper consultation from a trustworthy friend or relative of yours. It would be better if you don’t take any decision at all today. 

Planet 6, Saturn: The stranger which you will meet today can open new financial prospects for you. 

Planet 7, Uranus: Your interest in subjects like Parasitology will increase, and you will start studying it. 

Planet 8, Neptune: Religious thoughts will keep your mind occupied and positive. 

Planet 9, Pluto: Don’t take any loan from anyone today. Don’t take any loan from anyone today.


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