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Rohit Valiyan

Cashier ( Kotak Mahindra Bank ) | Posted on | Astrology

How will be 2019 for the people belonging to Leo?


Astrologer,Shiv shakti Jyotish Kendra | Posted on

The change of the year changes the position of stars in human life and that changes our present and future. To what extent the changes are bound to happen depends on our respective zodiac signs.

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Sun is the master of Leo, and it holds immense importance among all the nine planets. Due to the fierceness of the Sun, Leos are usually aggressive and intense. They are short-tempered and dominating, which you will be able to guess right from their looks. Their way of working is a bit different and unconventional.

This is how 2019 will be for the Leos:

Social life

This year will be quite advantageous for your social life. You will get respect and prestige among your peers.


Your finances will get strengthened this year. Your economic status will improve and that will be owing to your success at your workplace. You will be able to increase your incomes as well as savings. If you are planning on starting some business or anything like that, this year is perfect for that.


You will get success in your work this year. Those who are associated with cinema, fashion, politics, or medical will reap a lot of benefits from their work. Traders and businesspersons will earn a profit and the employed may get a promotion.


The health of the Leos will be stable this year. At the beginning of the year, you may suffer from some cramps. Some may also suffer from headaches, depression, or insomnia.


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