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Who is Omar Saeed Sheikh, the terrorist Rajkumar Rao plays in the movie “Omerta”?


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Omar Saaed Sheikh, who is also known as Umar Sheikh, the 44-year-old man ofPakistani origin has links to some of the world’s most dreadedterroristorganisations, including Jaish-e-Mohammed and Al Qaida.

Omar first hit headlines when he was arrested in 1994 in a case related to the kidnappings of four foreigners from India’s capital. Omar Sheikh, who was associated with Harkat-ul-Ansar then, befriended the tourists under a pseudo name, Rohit Sharma. His organisation demanded 10 Kashmiri prisoners to be freed in exchange of these tourists but the police rescued all the abducted foreigners and arrested Sheikh.

However, Harkat-ul-Mujahideen hijacked Indian flight IC-814 on its way to Delhi from Nepal in 1999 and theterrorists demanded a safe passage for Omar Saeed, and two otherterrorists, in exchange of the passengers. The Indian government met the demand and he quickly rose in the ranks after that. His name constantly got featured in newspapers and media in general.

He was mastermind behind the kidnapping and murder of Wall Street Journal journalist Daniel Pearl. The video of Pearl’s beheading was circulated across the globe and terrorized the entire world. In July 2002, Omar was sentenced to death by aPakistani court for Pearl’s murder. Currently, Omar is awaiting the hearing for his plea against the judgement and is living in aPakistani jail.

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