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Brijesh Mishra

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Who is responsible for India’s loss in the second test against Australia ?


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No one. The whole team.

I think blaming any individual player for the second test loss against Australia isn’t fitting. That’s just plain absurd—and should be left for the news channels to do ;)

The whole Indian side tanked to deliver—although the bowlers traded much better than the batsmen. To that, Perth’s pitch, right from the first day, looked that it will trouble the Indian batsmen, who aren’t exactly known to ace fast bowling. There was a lot of green on the pitch that was expected to favor Australian pacers.


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(BUT even then, though, while the playing condition was in favor of the fast bowlers, I wish Indian side would have included Ashwin in the playing eleven. If not with the bowl, he would definitely have contributed with his experience. And in the absence of Dhoni and Rohit, that’s what Virat Kohli needed. Besides, look at Nathan Lyon; he took a total of 8 wickets in the match. And even he agreed that Indian side missed a spinner.)

The first test win against Australia was the whole team’s. The second test loss against Australia is also the whole team’s. Let’s not go into the rhetoric and blame anyone. There are still 2 test matches left to play. If anything, this loss, has made this 4-test series more interesting. Both the teams look quite balanced.

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The third test against Australia on Melbourne Cricket Ground – the last match both the teams will play in 2018 – is expected to be a complete thriller. Reports suggest that Hardik Pandya will likely join the team. If he does, his all-round ability will add more strength to the whole team. And if he does come in the team, I think the management should let Murali Vijay rest for a bit.


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