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Rohan Chauhan

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Who is responsible for Lion Air crash in Indonesia?


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Airplanes are the safe mode of travel. So, whenever an accident happens, there aren’t many left to blame but the airline authorities and people related to ensure a safe air journey.

On Monday, at 6:30 local time, Indonesian Lion Air Flight 610 crashed into the sea about 13 minutes after the takeoff. The aircraft was bound for Pangkal Pinang on the Indonesian island of Bangka. 189 people onboard are believed to be dead. The search operation is underway. There are no signs of any survivor. The rescuers are collecting the bodies and personal belongings that span across a large surface of the sea. 

Letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Business Insider)

At this moment, the flight’s fuselage and data recorders (black box) are yet to be recovered, which, experts believe, will reveal more about the circumstances under which lion Air crash happened. 

According to several reports, the aircraft experienced technical problems the previous night en route to Jakarta from Bali. However, the CEO of Lion Air, Edward Sirait, has told the local media that they fixed all the problems and proper clearance to fly was given before the flight took off. 

While at this moment nothing is confirmed as to what exactly happened before and during Lion Air crash, experts have ruled out the bad weather. Some are even pointing out how, upon finding any technical problem, no emergency alert was raised by the pilots on board, which would have ensured them a priority landing in the airport. 

Also, according to an expert at CNN, given the fact that the pilot didn’t turn back the flight to the airport after finding any possible technical difficulty, “something abrupt and very fast happened to the aircraft.” 

lion-air-crash-indonesia-letsdiskuss  (Courtesy: The Daily Beast)

Indonesian aviation industry doesn’t have a very good track record. Since the dawn of the century, there have been many air accidents that collectively have killed hundreds of people. Lion Air flights have had glitches a handful of times in the last few years. 

Again, for the accident, there’s no one responsible but the airline itself and the people working to ensure a successful journey. If there was a technical glitch the previous day, what kind of repair work was done on it? Who gave the aircraft the clearance to fly? What standards did professionals follow? These are important questions that would only be addressed after getting the data from the Black Box. 

I hope the authorities make Lion Air Crash an example to prevent any future accidents. I mean, to see hundreds of people die for no reason, it’s disheartening. Hopefully, the people responsible, if any, get punished severely so no one dares to be offhand in flight safety matters.


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We do not know yet.


Engineer at KW Group | Posted on

ATC is the main responsible for crashing.


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