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Who should not consume turmeric milk?


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Loss of turmeric milk

We often consume turmeric milk in case of injury or cold. But do you know that this turmeric milk with many benefits also has some disadvantages? According to research, it has been revealed that the consumption of more turmeric can make your skin dry and itchy. Normally, 240 to 500 mg turmeric is also advised to be used thrice. Please consult your doctor once before consuming more turmeric.

Allergy and gallbladder problems

If you are allergic to spices, then stop using turmeric too. This can further increase your allergy. Turmeric can also work as a stone-maker in a gallbladder. Apart from this, it also makes gas.

Increase liver problem

Those who have an enlarged liver or have other liver-related problems should not consume turmeric milk. The ingredients present in it can increase the liver problem. If you have a severe headache after eating food, one of the reasons may be turmeric.

Pregnant women

Many pregnant women drink turmeric by adding milk, which leads to the birth of a young child. But turmeric can cause uterine contractions, uterine bleeding or uterine cramps. In many cases, turmeric is helpful in fighting cancer cells, but in other cases, it has also been seen that it also promotes breast cancer. is.

Diabetic patients

Turmeric is good for diabetics, but the intake of more turmeric reduces blood sugar significantly. If you already have anaemia, reduce the intake of turmeric.

Do not take turmeric after surgery

If you have undergone surgery, it is bad to consume it in excess, eating turmeric causes blood clotting problems in the body. This can be risky for those who have had surgery recently.

Decrease immunity

It also affects our immune system. This can make him weak. If there is more turmeric in food, then there is scope for the person to have nausea.

Infertility and gas problem

Eating too much turmeric causes men with infertility. This reduces the production of *****, it has been said in research. Eating too much turmeric causes gas problems in the stomach. It can also cause diarrhoea and constipation. Letsdiskuss


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