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Ajay Paswan

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Who was the better PM after independence Nehru or Mr S Patel?


Financial analyst (Mudra finance company) | Posted on

Sardar Patel was never the Prime Minister of India. He was India’s first Deputy PM while Jawahar Lal Nehru was country’s first PM.

The line of comparison has always been drawn between the two, which is often fanned by the rumors of political differences between them. Who was the better political leader, many ask.

Sadly, the answer isn’t simple. The answer is blurred. In fact, it is very possible that the answer doesn’t even exist. Both Patel and Nehru are arguably India’s topmost leaders. Their contribution in our independence has been immense. And above all, they both were the most trusted by Mahatma Gandhi.

To take one side largely depends on that person’s own ideas, opinions and perceptions. Because, in reality, Patel and Nehru complemented each other! One’s contribution in making of this nation would have been totally incomplete without the other.

Yes, there were few differences between the two. But it was mainly due to their distinct personalities and not difference in the goals and visions for this country. Nehru believed in showmanship, while Patel liked working behind the scene as a scriptwriter. Plus, following independence, they had different responsibilities that came in their way of thinking. But these MUST NOT MAKE WAY FOR COMPARISON BETWEEN THE TWO. Neither Nehru nor Patel were personally ambitious. They were both ready to leave their post for others.

Nehru touted mass appeal, while Patel had exceptional administrative abilities. Both of these things contributed in the independence movement of India and beyond.

So trying to think who was better, Nehru or Patel, it’s difficult. Of course, this won’t stop people from different political spectrums from taking sides. My personal liking is towards Sardar Patel because I have seen him working ONLY for the country and Nehru worked for the country AND his name….this includes the legacy he wanted to pass on to next generation and much more!!

Who is the first PM of India?



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Serving until his passing in May 1964, Nehru remains India's longest-serving PM. He was prevailing by individual Congressman Lal Bahadur Shastri, whose 19-month term additionally finished in death.