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Ramesh Kumar

Marketing Manager | Posted on | Sports

Who will win India-Pakistan match in Asia Cup 2018?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

Don’t call me an anti-national, please.....
I think Pakistan might take it all against India in Asia Cup 2018. Yes, really…
Who can match this fielding skill set?
Us Indians, we have to settle for boring stuffs like this:
Pakistan's batting side is solid and unmatched. Let’s not even get to that!!!
Indian batting side… meh!! Look at poor Dhoni:
Talking about bowling, dare you say anything about Pakistan’s bowling side. Remember, this team once had Imran Khan, Wasim Akram, Waqar Younus, and Saqlain Mustaq! Sure, things aren’t as great as they once were. But Pakistani bowlers can still slay anyone:
And about Indian bowlers....
Seriously guys, Pakistan might take all against India this Asia Cup 2018.
(P.S. India will win the match against Pakistan and Asia Cup 2018. If it doesn’t though, excuse my over-confidence here! ;))


19th September is not going to be a day even slightly lesser than any festival, and I’m not just talking about the cricket-lovers!

Yes, India-Pakistan cricket match is not just a match, it’s a battle! A battle even fiercer than the Clash of Titans. And don’t you dare ask who’s gonna win, because there’s no way India is going to lose it!

Yes, yes, I know your argument, that Virat Kohli is not playing, but boy! Do you doubt the competency of Rohit Sharma?


And do you think India is going to miss this win after its defeat in India vs. England ODI series. The battle is going to attract a worldwide attention –not just of India and Pakistan or UAE. India-Pakistan cricket matches are one of those rare moments of the cricket world that JUST CAN’T BE MISSED!

Yes, even the most indifferent-to-national-sentiments lot becomes patriotic on such days, and even the cricket-haters become cricket-enthusiasts on such days. And after the unavoidable reasons due to which such battles between India-Pakistan have been reduced to just Asia Cup, ICC Champions Trophy and ICC Cricket World Cup, this match has become much more important.


And after all, nothing can bring out the best in the cricketers of India and Pakistan the way a match between both of them can.

And let’s just not say India is ready for the match, let’s say India is ready for winning the match! So mark the date, and be ready.


Cricketer , Dronacharya Cricket Academy | Posted on

The last India-Pakistan match was full power-packed! While India won with flying colors, it lost Hardik Pandya for the rest of the series due to his lower back injury. 


Who has replaced Hardik Pandya after his injury in Asia Cup?


Despite this loss of India, I am more confident than ever of India’s victory today. After its match with Afghanistan, Pakistan will play today’s match to step up their game in super Four Match, while India will be playing towards a greater goal of winning the Asia Cup 2018, by winning maximum matches.


Anyway, every match of India and Pakistan has a greater goal than just the present series. It is a battle worth watching every time it happens, and it never gets old.
I’m all set to watch the traditional arch-rivals fighting each other again today.