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News reporter (CEN News ) | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

Why are people mad at Brie Larson?


Entrepreneur | Posted on

Apparently, people are mad at virtually every Hollywood celebrity. Or at least that's what Looper suggests.


Honestly, avoid watching channels like Looper who thrives on clickbait and sensational topics.


Except for a few hateful comments on YouTube videos and subreddits, no one is hating Brie Larson. 


Letsdiskuss (Courtesy: India Today)


The media outlets are just magnifying these comments to make it look like an issue. And this was happening around the time when Captain Marvel was about to be released. Brie Larson as *hot* in the mainstream that time. Including her name in articles and videos would have meant massive hits(and revenue). So, everyone wanted to cover her in their content, even for the silliest of reasons.


One of the key arguments of those "hating" on Brie Larson was that she was too of an aggressive social justice warrior, pushing feminism in her interviews. She was labeled as "man hater". And not just Brie. These few people even thrashed Marvel for making feminist statements in Captain Marvel with a female superhero.


Brie Larson (Courtesy: Harper's Bazaar) 


Another argument of "critics" was that Brie doesn’t know how to act. Her face lacked the expression.


Again, these "hate" comments and opinions were only of few people that media thought would be interesting to magnify. And so did they…


When you're as big of a celebrity as Brie Larson who's going to lead Marvel in its next phase, getting such distasteful remarks is quite common.


These internet "thought leaders" who live in the cave of Twitter and Reddit still mercilessly troll Emma Watson for her feminism campaigns.


Meryl Streep's Golden Globes speech in 2017 amassed hermassive hate on social media from the conservatives.


When Eminem ripped President Donald Trump with a freestyle at BET Hip Hop Awards, he literally halved his fan base, who were majorly white conservatives. He was ridiculed online. The sales of his next album Revival turned out to be the worst of his career.


Brie Larson (Courtesy: CNBC.com)


In short, celebrities usually have haters. And when they decide to take social stands, they further increase the number of those haters.


When Brie Larson pushed her idea of being an independent woman who supports feminism, this triggered many internet users. So, she got "hate".


But aside from a very tiny portion, nobody hates Brie Larson. She's adored by all.


Besides, how can you hate someone who stopped Thanos'second snap and saved the world?! We can't hate her! ;)


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