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Today many people are still not well aware of Sologamy. Well, it is nothing but a process or act of self marrying. Yes, ..Read more


Today women are no way less than men in any respect. The same has been proven one more time with India's new tribal fema ..Read more

Sologamy is related to marriage but very different from normal marriages. Well, normal marriages involve a bond between ..Read more


The Indian woman who married herself.

Anonymous | Posted on

There is a new concept in the world is trending and it is copied from netflix show there was a girl called kshama bindu ..Read more

Toward the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, organizations dispatched scores of representatives with PCs close by (and ..Read more

We are more disposed to condemn individuals' bad behaviors than perceive their great deeds. Also, this moralistic inclin ..Read more

Draupadi murmu has became president of India she was elected by the MLA for these post.She was born on june 20,1958 in b ..Read more

Are you worried about showing your emotions at your workplace? Do you often feel anger while working at the office for s ..Read more

Sex. It's not something we truly discuss as a country, right? For the majority of us, discussing sex is right up there w ..Read more

How we work might have changed, yet office behavior: not really. Have workers invested such a lot of energy at home they ..Read more

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