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Kanika Malhotra

On the path of becoming a professional Life Coach | Posted 25 Mar, 2021 |

Why is linkedIn important for personal branding?

Sarbjit Grewal

Full Stack Developer | Posted 31 Mar, 2021

Yes, you are right! Linkedin is a fantastic social media website to create personal branding and building connections with professional people. You can connect with people from the same stream or profession. By sharing your views in Linkedin groups, you can grab the attention of thousands of users. Possibly, you can generate leads by promoting content on Linkedin profiles.

Shivam Khare

Student | Posted 30 Mar, 2021

Some companies want to hire people who are passionate about what they do and how they love their work. Seeing your profile and your LinkedIn personal branding is an opportunity to put your passion and skill to monetize with dedication and expertise on to help you land your dream job or big business of your dreams.

LinkedIn is the most significant app for personal branding and in addition to it using your network for building your brand using LinkedIn is an ideal place to promote your content, generate leads, find a partnership with other people and get opportunities, conduct research, and hire skillful people. You will accomplish all of the above by connecting with the users of Linkedin.