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Vansh Chopra

System Engineer IBM | Posted on | Health-beauty

Why is Momos considered the worst street food?


Student | Posted on

The most Harmful thing about road sustenance is absence of cleanliness. The nourishment itself isn't unsafe yet the manner in which it has been made and put/encompassing where it's made clearly influences the sustenance quality.

Momos and spring rolls are great nourishment things just if-

The vegetables, flours and fixings utilized in it are new.

Oil (particularly the one utilized for fricasseeing) is unadulterated and new (not utilized for browning previously).

Water utilized for cooking is drinking water (that implies perfect and unadulterated).

Utensils utilized are perfect.

A cockroach/creepy crawly/hair in your springroll/momo is all that could possibly be needed to make you loathe the road nourishment for extremely prolonged stretch of time.

Not to overlook the hands - nourishment made with clean hands is a similarly essential thing.

Returning to the inquiry how destructive it is totally relies on the conditions.

On the off chance that the water utilized isn't great - you may wind up having water conceived sicknesses.

On the off chance that the oil, vegetables and different fixings are bad (might be spoiled), the odds of nourishment harming are extremely high.

To wrap things up - sustenance cooked with messy hands and brings a progression of sad potential outcomes like - infectious sicknesses, diseases and alike.

Once, I had sustenance harming from eating domino's pizza. Despite the fact that the place looked perfect and sterile, the fixings were sufficiently terrible to do the harm. Result haven't had pizza(not even a cut) for a long time. That implies no certification of value sustenance in great/rumored diners. Why fault just road nourishment


Chef at Hotel Radisson | Posted on

Momos are the most easily available, and the cheapest street food that one can have. But here’s the harsh truth: they are also the worst street food one can have. This rant about Momos is not just the usual rant that you keep listening to from your parents against street food. When it comes to Momos, other street foods are considered way healthier and safer than them.

Here are some disadvantages of having Momos: 

1. Momos are prepared with Maida (or semolina) which is bleached with certain chemicals like azodicarbonamide, benzoyl peroxide, etc., to give Momos a refined texture. These bleaching chemicals affect our pancreas in its insulin-creating ability.

2. One more bleaching chemical used, alloxan, also affect pancreas and becomes the cause of diabetes.

3. The stuffing of Momos you get on the cheap stalls are mostly unhygienic and stale. Chicken Momos can also be breeding bacteria which cause severe illness.

4. Momos chutney is just too spicy to be good for your health. It can cause piles and bleeding hemorrhoids.

5. According to the study conducted by the Institute of Hotel Managemnet, Pusa, shows that street food, especially Momos in Delhi contain faecal matter which becomes the reason for diarrhea, abdominal cramps, typhoid, and food poisoning.


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