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Raj Singh

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Why is Pervez Musharraf siding with India and against Jaish-e-Mohammed?


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Like they say, when it comes to personal interest, the majority do not care about caste, religion, and nation. The latest comment from former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf against Jaish-e-Mohammed falls in the same line.

In a telephonic interview to Pakistani journalist Nadeem Malik of Hum News, Musharraf said his country's intelligence used Jaish-e-Mohammed many times in carrying out attacks in India. during his tenure.

Letsdiskuss (Courtesy: NDTV)

He even admitted "Jaish is a terrorist organization. Tough action by the government is a welcome move," adding that the terrorists even tried to assassinate him.

Answering why he didn’t act against Jaish when he was in power, he said, "At that time, India and Pakistan were bombing each other's territory and even I didn't insist on action against the terrorist organization."

Now, let’s be honest. It's not like the world doesn’t already recognize that Pakistan authorities and select terror outfits in the country work alongside each other against India. The military blatantly shares intelligence with the terrorists to fight against India. The anti-India crowd in Kashmir isn’t just about "independence from India". They are a part of at-large propaganda, which is triggered by Pakistani authorities. We all know that.

parvesh-musharraf-against-jem-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: DNA India)

Former Pakistan President Pervez Musharraf admitting it doesn’t reveal anything new to anyone. It can, however, be a crucial asset for India to further strengthen the country's position on global forums to isolate the neighbor.

Now, why did Musharraf say what he said, particularly in this highly volatile environment, it's not hard to guess. He stands nothing to lose. With the indictment of treason charges on him for imposing emergency in 2007, he knows his political career is over. And the country, except for a very small portion, doesn’t care about him. So, he knows whatever he says now will have no repercussions for him. In fact, he might even go out of his way to put the party-in-power in even more worries. So, at the moment, cozied in Dubai, he doesn’t seem to care about anything.

Also, per his interview, Jaish-e-Mohammed tried to assassinate him twice, during his tenure, in December 2003. So, blaming the terror outfit might just be a way for him to seek revenge in whatever form.

parvesh-musharraf-against-jem-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: The Spectator)

In any way, whatever be the reason, a Former Pakistan President giving such insights of terror links between Jaish-e-Mohammed and Pak intelligence, it can be a big win for India and a major setback for Pakistan on the global forums.

In his self-interest and personal propaganda, a person that left no opportunity to spew venom against India, he has ended up ignorantly helping us. Quite an irony!

Although nothing particularly has been done against Jaish-e-Mohammed and Masood Azhar, even as India has provided evidence of Pak's role in Pulwama attack that killed 44 jawans, let's see how things pan out now.