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Will Kajal improve babies eyebrows?


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Although all these beliefs are said to be old and outdated today, there is no denying that Kajal is very beneficial for a child’s eyes and eyebrows. You must have seen newborn Indians with kohled eyes. This is the old tradition of their moms and grandmoms on display. They believe that the home-made kajal not just keeps the evil eye away but also makes the eyes healthier and clearer.

Letsdiskuss (Courtesy: MomJunction)

Please note that I said home-made kajal.

These days there are many branded kajal flooding the market, but avoid using any of them on your baby without referring to a pediatrician. For babies, home-made kajal is the best option.

Now coming to your question, let’s see how kajal can improve babies’ eyebrows. Although many people don’t believe it, Kajal makes the eyes of babies look blacker and fuller. This practice, however, is more popular in North India. In South India, moms apply castor oil on their babies’ eyebrows so that they grow bushy and fuller.

So you can apply kajal on your babies’ eyebrows as you do in its eyes, provided it hygienic and home-made.