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Nisha Sharma

@letsuser | Posted on | Education

Will poor education system affect India-s future?


Businessman | Posted on

Undoubtedly yes. It just can’t be otherwise. Education sector right now is the foremost way of investing in human capital resource, and if it is not done properly, India’s economy can face a crisis coming in future.

According to certain reports, 50% of the population of India is education-seeking, that is, young. So if we are not able to make proper arrangements for the education of this 50% of the population, we are forcing our country’s future into the darkness ourselves.

Indeed, the education system of India is not ideal. Moreover, however it is, it’s not accessible to every aspiring child in India. More than the quality, accessibility is the problem. All the economically deprived children go to government schools, the condition of which, is extremely poor due the increasing role of, and trust on private schools. And these private schools unfortunately, are not affordable to the children belonging to economically deprived section of society.


If the childhood of these children isn’t secured, what expectations can we have for their future?
Talking about those who have the access to the education of expensive private schools, even they are not getting what we call the “real” education and “values”. They, along with modern education, are taught prejudice and insensitivity towards those who can’t afford the facilities their parents have given them. This is making a large section of our society’s future citizens intolerable towards other sections of the society.

The scenario gives us a picture of the future where we may be seeing yet another set of intolerant bigots and rich bureaucrats on one hand, and helpless and uneducated citizens on the other.


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