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Will Priyanka Gandhi be able to overcome the financial crisis of Congress?


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Elections in every democratic country involve a large amount of money and funds. These funds, most often, come from corporates and big businessmen.

But these funds from big business companies and personalities is hard-to-get for those parties which are not in power. And if such parties are lucky enough to get hold of the sponsors, the funds are much less than that of the ruling party.

Due to remaining far from gaining power since a long time, Congress right now is struggling for the financial aid to contest the upcoming elections. On the other hand, other parties are ready to contest the elections with a much larger amount of money that Congress.

Now, in such a situation, the entry of Priyanka Gandhi in active politics is no less than Congress’s masterstroke. Now everyone is awaiting the improvement in Congress’s financial status since the good news is heard.

Letsdiskuss (Courtesy: The Indian Express)

According to political pundits, however, Priyanka Gandhi’s presence in the party will not affect the financial status of Congress, but the tables are expected to turn if Congress comes in power in Uttar Pradesh. It will be then easier for the party to ask for the funds from corporates and businessmen.

Having said all this, let’s not forget that the 95% of the total funds will go to the currently ruling party, BJP, and the rest 5% will be distributed among the remaining parties. So naturally, all other parties are facing the lack of funds for the upcoming elections.