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Vikas Jha

Journalist and Writer at G-files and Bollywoodtoday.in | Posted on | News-Current-Topics

Will the new amendment proposed by the goverment will weaken the RTI or not ?


BBA in mass communication | Posted on

The amendment surely could not be to strengthen it. Modi government had already increased the fee and decreased the word limit for filing the RTI and now it is expected to take autonomy from the Information Commissions, diluting the RTI, for sure.

The New Amendment seems against the democratic ideals of the country in every way. It is being done under the pretext that central and state Information Commissions are differing in their mandates and “need to be rationalized”.

According to Anjali Bhardwaj, co-convener of the National Campaign for People’s Right to Information (NCPRI), “It’s ironic that the process of amending a law meant to bring transparency itself lacks transparency” (Source: The Hindu). She comments thus on the secrecy that BJP government is maintaining about the amendments. After the government influencing the important institution of Media, it is now bent on having its complete control over citizen’s right to seek information.

Obviously, BJP government would in no way want to get its acts and the hidden motives behind them revealed which the activists are doing from quite some time. The protests have been done and the amendments have been strongly condemned. Whatever be the result, it’s hard to say that it’ll be in the favor of democratic ideals and the rights of citizens.

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