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Accountant, (Kotak Mahindra Bank) | Posted | News-Current-Topics

Will these online stores be able to deliver between lockdowns?


digital marketer | Posted

Lockdown has been implemented in the country due to Corona virus. The lockdown, which began on March 24, will run for the next 21 days, during which no one is allowed to leave the house. However, necessary field work will continue. Meanwhile, Police has released a list of some retailer companies, which can continue their service during this lockdown. 

Significantly, due to the lockdown, all markets, shops are closed, in such a situation people are having difficulty in getting the goods needed. In such a situation, if online service starts now, it will be a news of relief for the people.

A service has been started by Police, under which passes are being given to such people who can start their service during lockdown. In these, passes are being given to people from media, doctors, banks and other areas and now these online services will also get this facility.

Due to the lockdown, dairy, vegetable shops, everyday goods shops are open. A crowd of people are seen at these shops every morning and the scene of social distancing is also visible here.


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