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10 Benefits Of Yoga For The Body And Mind


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Yoga is that practice, which achieves the integration of mind and body through some selective body movements. Yoga, in humans, is responsible for better blood circulation, digestion, rejuvenation, and oxygenation of the body.

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Yoga being the exercise of finding the meeting point of mind and body has many positive effects on both of them. It does not only ensure our physical health but emotional and mental well-being as well.

To answer your question objectively, given below are ten major benefits of yoga:

1. It improves flexibility and hence prevents muscles from getting stiff.

2. It improves your posture and helps you in not getting fatigued very soon.

3. Can also prevent joint or cartilage breakdown, as, through yoga, the full range of motion of your joints is tested.

4. Improve blood circulation as it helps your cells get more oxygen.

5. Yoga boosts immunity which the lymph is drained out while practicing different yoga postures.

6. Regulates your blood pressure. According to The Lancet (a British medical journal), Savasana helps to decrease the blood pressure to considerable degrees. (Source: yogajournal.com)

7. Yoga postures like Kapal Bharti and Pranayam help you lose weight.

8. It is needless to say that it relieves the stress.

9. As yoga involves meditation and concentration, it helps you improve intuition. It also helps in the cure of depression

10. Various DNA tests have shown that yoga has the power of modifying your genes positively. (Source: speakingtree.in)


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I will say Yoga increases your life span. 


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10 benefits of yoga are:-

1. Improving the Immune system.

2. Improve Health.

3. Increase Life-Span.

4. Provide more mental stability.

5. Increase Blood circulation in the body.

6. Provide more inner peace and stability.

7. Provide relaxation from stress.


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