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Do you think Kashmir will ever be at peace?


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If the Indian government wants it!

Let’s not be coy and hide under the farce of nationalism. Indian government and Indian army are no messiah to the Kashmiris. (And neither are Pakistanis btw!) Just floating around the images of army men helping people in the state during the flood and natural calamities – for the sake of own political mileage by the parties – won’t erase the human rights crisis that the local people have been living in for decades.

Letsdiskuss(Courtesy: India Today)

It’s not an opinion of the “anti-nationalists”. It’s a fact that people in Kashmir has been time and again targeted by the CRPF, army, and Indian authorities. Thousands of people have lost their lives.

The social fabric of the state has been in crumbles since the very beginning.

Can you even contemplate living in a place where you’re at the helm of armed “protectors” who can barge in your home, threaten you, manipulate you, abuse you and even kill you in the name of Specials Power Act?

And we live here talking about the living conditions in the middle-east countries and Africa. Oh, the audacity!

There have been multiple reports from Human rights watch of how Indian personnel in Jammu and Kashmir aren’t the messiahs that the propaganda media houses make them be.

kashmir-conflict-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Livemint)

Take any instances of unrest in Kashmir, and the civilians have died and injured in large number.

Why? How? Why is “self-defense” the go-to reason for the Indian authorities to hit “back” on the civilians?

Heck, if pellet guns, tear guns, and encounters are the only way to deal with the miscreants in the country, why not use the same tactics even in different states? Why not shot dead those in UP and Bihar who trigger riots? Why not torture the crowd that killed UP police Inspector Subodh Kumar?

Why did the authorities didn’t do anything when large crowds were creating a ruckus and putting lives at stake across the country during the release of Padmavati?

It’s hypocritical at best.

Since the independence, barring few leaders, the Indian side has never been empathetic to the struggles of Kashmiris (Hindus and Muslims alike). Kashmir has always been a political agenda that the parties bring during elections. And surprisingly, this tactic almost imminently works to trigger the bonehead, brainwashed, stupidest voters in the world.

And wait, before you call me “anti-national” and “liberal”, hear this out…

The scumbag politicians in Kashmir are just as much at fault. Hungry for power, they have brainwashed a generation against India. They aren’t concerned about the Kashmiris as they are about being in power.

kashmir-conflict-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Deccan Chronicles)

Following the latest Pulwama civilian killings, Hurriyat Chairman Syed Ali Geelani said, “we have had these political gimmicks of probes for the past so many decades and we can’t be fooled by these hollow slogans. We will fight hard to break the forcible occupation come what may.”

One has to be incredibly idiot or naïve to think Hurriyat wants peace and betterment of the Kashmiris.

Similarly, the Kashmir issue has long been dragged through dirt and dust in Pakistan by its politicians to spill the hatred against India. And this has worked. Pakistan, today, homes a decent crowd of individuals who hate India because of the Kashmir issue—just like India has a bunch of nationalist haters against Pakistan for a similar cause.

Kashmir will never be at peace. That silence of peace that you will observe occasionally in the aftermaths of chaos will always echo the screams and cries of lost lives—of the families who lost their loved ones for no reason whatsoever.

The Indian government, Pakistan, armies on both side, media houses. and the terror outfits, whose insurgency has been the result of many political propaganda and circumstances, are collectively fu#king millions of lives in Jammu and Kashmir—lives of innocent civilians who want a normal life just like you and me.

If anyone is really serious about solving Jammu and Kashmir problems and bringing peace to the state, they should…

· Strategically and transparently strike terror outfits with no fear of political repercussions.

· Dissolve Hurriyat and other similar groups who want “independence”.

· Bring United Nations in the equation for additional help, policies.

· Remove AFSPA Act with immediate effect.

· Stop exploiting the voters every election with Kashmir and Kashmiri Pundit issues.

· Make a compromise with the other country (India, Pakistan). Agree to give up lands once and for all.

Do you really see all these happening? NO!!! So, you won’t see peace in Kashmir anytime soon.


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