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Ruchika Dutta

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How correct is Mamata Banerjee-s claim to save democracy?


Marketing Manager | Posted on

Mamata Banerjee is again dominating the political scene in the nation. As you must be aware of it by now, the matter is about CBI’s misuse by the hands of the Central government to get West Bengal police commissioner, Rajeev Kumar arrested for Sharda Chit Fund Scam.

Letsdiskuss (Courtesy: DNA India)

The scam brought in light many West Bengal ministers related to TMC in the forefront as the culprit. Rajeev Kumar’s name is also there in the list, and when CBI went on his official residence to arrest him, it was detained by the Kolkata Police.

Since then, West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee was on Dharna, and she even took the whole matter to the Supreme Court.

According to her, the steps taken by her were necessary to save the constitution and the spirit of democracy in the country. I personally don’t understand how this Dharna was meant to save the constitution, or even the democratic spirit, the song of which is Mamata Banerjee singing so loudly, along with the choir joined by almost all the opposition parties.

Supreme Court has temporarily restricted the arrest of the commissioner and the CM sees it as a fundamental victory, necessary for the constitution.

If seen analytically, the whole drama was just an attempt to provoke the regional public, and according to me, it was entirely incorrect. And not just that, it even questions the steps she’s taking in the direction of national politics.


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