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Ramesh Kumar

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How will Mayawati’s decision to not team up with Congress affect General Election 2019?


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“Congress has been routed in the country and yet it thinks it can defeat the BJP alone,” said BSP leader Mayawati. And with this dig, she made it quite clear that her party will fight the assembly elections in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan on its own—battling the BJP alone.

Mayawati also attacked Congress on many other fronts, even calling out Digvijay Singh for being the biggest reason why BSP and Congress alliance won’t work out. She even called Mr. Singh a proxy of BJP and RSS. 

This could come up as a major setback for the opposition alliance that has been gaining quite some momentum ahead of general election 2019 to tackle the mammoth that is BJP and RSS mix. Although the decision of Mayawati for ekla chalo is only for upcoming elections in MP and Rajasthan, this could give a psychological advantage to the ruling party on the national front. Moreover, it could shake the confidence of the opposition who looked quite united until now. 

Mayawati, even when high prevalence only in Uttar Pradesh, is a national leader with a large crowd of a selected caste behind her back. Her moves can certainly play a pivotal role in steering election results.
First, talking about the upcoming state elections, BJP is very well slated to win both in Madhya Pradesh and Rajasthan. In both the states, the party has a stronghold. At this point, it has even more advantage with RSS deploying its lacs of pracharaks in the states for the general election 2019. So, with help from these RSS pracharaks, BJP could cross the majority mark rather easily. Even when Congress and BSP were in alliance, very less would have mattered in the result. Neither of them has played the role of responsible opposition well. So, the outcome of assembly elections would remain unaffected despite the alliance or non-alliance. 

Now, it is for the General Election 2019 should Mayawati’s decision cause a major headache for the Congress-led opposition. Again, as of now, her decision is only limited to the state elections. However, even that can have many repercussions given the national polls would only be a couple of months away from the “warmup polls”. It shows a big crack in the opposition which the ruling party can easily exploit. In fact, going in the general election 2019, one of the biggest challenges for Congress is to look united with the entire opposition and have the moral compass set right.
The right-wing media has already made this upcoming election as “Modi vs All”, which only plays in favor of BJP in voters’ minds. With such wedges coming evident in the collective opposition, the godi media can easily turn this entire narration into an idea of “unholy alliance”. And again, this might play in favor of BJP. 

So, it’s sad that just when the opposition parties seemed to have been coming on the foreground to battle BJP collectively, BSP leader Mayawati has come out to attack Congress so publicly. This is going to have a big repercussion in the General Election 2019, starting by giving a psychological advantage to the ruling party.



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