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Brijesh Mishra

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Is the Mars Mission with humans really stupid?


Junior engineer at uflex | Posted on

For the most part on the grounds that the challenges of arriving are exceptionally entangled and on the front line of our present innovation. The measure of exertion and innovation required to really return from Mars expects us to do a few things that surpass our present dimensions of innovation and additionally that we've never done and that are commonly thought to be "not exactly sheltered" in indistinguishable vein from requesting from the ACME index.

To get to the moon all we required was a ride, space suits, protein bars, and the famous shoreline towel. It was actually an end of the week hike by examination, and in some measure at the time we could treat it like one. It remains the biggest most convoluted and most costly logical investigation embraced by humankind. This is to give you a feeling of degree, since that was 50 years back. That was an end of the week get-away.


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A few, strikingly Elon Musk and the whackadoodles at Mars One have proposed sending settlers to Mars on a restricted outing, apparently on the grounds that that sounds simpler to potential speculators or maybe in light of the fact that they long for hurling political adversaries into the boot before liftoff. The truth of the matter is, be that as it may, a restricted outing to Mars, as minimum for quite a while, would not be substantially better or less expensive and would very likely be suicide.

We can colonize Mars, however where anybody will ever truly need to property there is an issue for some discussion. We are not going to make it into another Earth, but rather we can manufacture a state of individuals who will experience their whole lives under mechanical life bolster, hermetically fixed far from the earth. Thus, agoraphobics and feline haters, at that point.

Shy of that, getting a group off the surface of Mars and back to Earth really isn't all that horribly troublesome. A rocket generally the span of the MAV appeared in The Martian is about the correct size, and it very well may be sent from Earth and arrived in front of any kept an eye on mission. Fuel can either be sent from Earth, made on and sent from the moon, or made set up on Mars. None of this is a lot of a stretch on a basic level, however we don't have anything like tried and man-appraised equipment to do this at the present time.

So… send a restricted mission, isn't that so? Well no, that would be blockhead. The quantity of things expected to set up a changeless base or state on Mars is inestimably more prominent than the generally basic matter of dropping off a ship and making fuel for it out of daylight and earth. Gracious, and if any of those bunch things endure a noteworthy mishap, everyone kicks the bucket.


Software engineer at HCL technologies | Posted on

That’s what two of the NASA astronauts think.

Letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Wired)

We know how the preparations for landing on Mars have been going on. Not only NASA, but the private companies like SpaceX are planning to send their space crafts as far into space as they can.
There is, however, some skepticism circling around.

According to the 85-year old former NASA astronaut (for Apollo 8), Bill Anders, a manned Mars Mission is a ridiculous idea, and that it should not be the point of focus, for the scientists as of now. He added that he has been a staunch supporter of the unmanned Mars Missions. So according to him, humanity has a long way to go before it can build colonies on the Red Planet.

Anders think that the public is not interested in the said mission, neither does NASA have the amount needed to spend on it.

Here’s what Anders further remarks:

“NASA couldn’t get to the Moon today...they’re so ossified,” Anders told BBC. “NASA has turned into a jobs program… many of the centers are mainly interested in keeping busy and you don’t see the public support other than they get the workers their pay and their Congressmen get re-elected.” (Source: First Post)

Bill Anders, however, is not the only one who thinks on these lines. Another Apollo 8 astronaut, Frank Borman thinks a manned Mars Mission is not stupid, provided it is done by NASA. The “robust exploration” that the likes of Elon Musk and Jeff Bezos aspire to do, is what “nonsense” is.


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