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Preeti Taneja

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7 (Non-Clichéd) Tips to Rescue Your Falling Career and Finance


It hit hard, didn’t it?

You thought you would graduate out of high school, go to college, have fun, earn a degree, get a job, pile a lot of money and live a comfortable life. But your late 20s had something totally different in the plan for you.

And now as it stands, you’re in a middle of a big mess with no clue where to head and what to hold as your rescue boat. Your personal finance seems to have taken a wrong, mediocre turn. And your crumbling 9-6 desk job is making you feel even worse.

You want things to be different but are hung up to the what’s, how’s and when’s! So, every night, you dive into sleep, sluggishly embracing the current life as your fate.

Believe it or not—a large majority of those in their 20s and 30s have the same story to tell. And it’s incredibly sad to listen so many dreams shattering in pressure into pieces.

7 (Non-Clichéd) Tips to Rescue Your Falling Career and Finance If you’re on the same trail with a lost career track and worsening financial stature, welcome aboard.

Things are bad this side of the town but you’re in majority at least. And above all, thankfully, there are some quite straightforward ways to get to the other side. Yes, believe it, regardless of your current situation, these ways promise to boat you to the other side successfully—but only if you’re true to them on a daily basis.

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So, if you’re too struggling, here are 7 non-clichéd tips to rescue your falling career and finance:

1. Find multiple sources of income

Here’s something that so many people in the early stage of their career do not understand: your salary won’t make you rich. Period. Do you have any idea of the current cost of living? And can you anticipate where this trend will be in the next 10 and 20 years?The salary amount you’re saving in your bank account won’t be adequate to afford a small apartment even 20 years from now. Or it could never afford your dreams to travel around the world!In short, stop building your finance solely around your monthly salary. In this day and age, if you are to live a comfortable life, you need multiple sources of income. It’s essential.So, get to know about the opportunities in investment and starting a side business. Invest in share market, MF, insurance, startups, and cryptocurrencies. Get together with friends and start a side business for passive income.

2. Start getting to know the right people

If you want to get to the top of the ladder, you need a close knitted group of reliable people who would help you in the climb.Take any successful people, for example, who has a flourishing career and finance, and you will find they are always surrounded by supportive, equally ambitious and able people. You, too, need to follow their suite.

Ace your networking game. Get to know more people in your niche, talk to them, befriend those in top positions. The likes of LinkedIn have made this amazingly easier.Once you start surrounding yourself with the right people and build a strong network of qualified executives, you would start seeing opportunities pouring in. You would see windows open that you didn’t even know existed. And this will entirely steer your career and finance in the desired direction.

3. Are you happy with your job?

This is the single most important question to have a successful adult life. Yet so few people actually ask this to themselves. When was the last time you seriously pondered if you’re happy in your job? “Seriously” is the keyword here.Do you like what you’re doing for 9 hours every day? Do you like the place where you’re spending a large part of your day every day? Do you think you can do this for the next 30 years of your life?

These are very important questions that you must ask yourself very often. If the answers are ‘NO’, do what you want, you will ALWAYS struggle in your career and finance. And if it’s a ‘YES’, all you’ve got to do is work hard and be consistent; the rest will follow.

Are you happy with your job

4. There’s still time to run after your dreams

Did you know Harrison Ford was a carpenter in the early stage of his life? Now he is Hollywood’s all-time-great. Or, did you know Andrea Bocelli was a defense lawyer until the age of 34 when he decided to leave his day job and serenade the world on his tunes?

There are countless such fine examples that prove you’re never late to chase your dreams.

So, if you think you’re not happy at your job and this is NOT what you wanted to do, make some drastic changes in your life. And do this as soon as possible. Indeed, it’s going to be difficult. But it’s also essential.

What was that thing that you always wanted to do? What was the dream that you had for your career in high school and college? Chase your dreams. Even if you stumble and fall, you will at least be satisfied and convinced that you followed your aspirations.

On an optimistic note though, if you’re really passionate about the dream and are ready to hustle every day, there’s absolutely ZERO PERCENT chance that you will stumble, fall and fail.

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5. Get your lifestyle sorted

Yes, if you want to sort your career and personal finance, you just can’t fix the selected ends of your life. You need to shake up the entire thing. And this is why you need to get your lifestyle on the right track.

This includes focusing on your health, waking up early every day, exercising, meditating, spending time with the family and, overall, striving to be happy.

If you do these, you will immediately start seeing a positive result on the personal front. And this positive change will cascade into positively affecting your career and finance.

Get your lifestyle sorted

6. Ask people for help and assistance

Many people avoid asking for help. Perhaps this stems out of ego, self-pride or the awkwardness that might follow.

But here’s a thing that the mainstream has literally forgotten to highlight these days: the world is a very beautiful people. 95 percent of people around you are some of the finest who care, love and aspire—exactly like you. And believe it, they are more eager to help those who need it than what you may think.

So, give up whatever reasons you’re holding close and DO NOT hesitate. Get in touch with the right people and ask them for help. Tell them that you need them (the feeling of being needed is incredible). Ask them that you need their help.

Contact that person who knows the HR where you’re applying for the job. Meet her and see if she can help you get that project of the big company.

Many people will be more willing to extend their arm for you—all with the least expectation that you, too, would be there for them in case if they need some help.

7. Draw a very clear career map

Many people in their late 20s and 30s do not understand this but succeeding in your career is quite strategic. And so is improving your finances.They just go about without any plan, tackling one day at a time. They are reactive over proactive. They play defensively rather than being at offense. Are you one of them? Do you have a career plan for the next 10 years?Winning in your career and life is a long-term game that requires a ridiculous amount of patience, commitment, and persistence. Meaning, you require a very strategic and definite roadmap to move from one phase of the career to another.Where do you see yourself 2, 5 and 10 years from now? How much money do you see yourself making after these years?Answer such questions and then plan your roadmap accordingly. And then for the rest of the journey, follow that roadmap without failing. The climb to the top would become much comfortable, certain and easy to analyze. And above all, once with a plan, you will stop feeling lost like you do right now.

These are 7 non-cliched tips/ways to rescue your dying career and finances. Of course, the result won’t be very quick and easy to achieve. But if you’re certain to change things in your present life for a happier and content future, there’s no other way but to work hard and be consistent in your efforts.On the endnote: Yes, things may look very difficult and dark right now. And you may even have lost all your hope, willing to embrace the sh%t the world is planning to serve you. But remember to NEVER give up. Just gather all your energy and take one single step ahead. That’s it! And the positive energy around you will ensure you cover the distance of ten steps.

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