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Sanjay A

Student | Posted on | Health-beauty

Meditation is an art of relaxation


Meditation is an ancient art of relaxation. It is that medium through which you can sketch a peaceful life for yourself. In today's world where there is lot of stress, it becomes very difficult to maintain a balance. In such situation, meditation tunes you in perfect harmony with joy and peace.
Come let us experience meditation. First choose your favourite place where you feel most comfortable. It can be your room, a garden, etc. Know sit in a relaxed manner. Take a deep breath and as you close your eyes say, 'I have entered the world of joy.' Focus only on your breath. While inhaling say, 'Postive waves'; while exhaling say, 'Negative waves.' This way you will replace all doubts, worries, and confusions with fresh, creative ideas that will help you make a new beginning.

After sometime you will feel as if you are soaring high into the sky. Actually this is the signal that the mind has emptied itself and now it is all ready to generate power. When you open your eyes gently, you feel all filtered as if you have drained everything that was troubling you. The mind on being recharged invites everything beautiful, so you start feeling extremely joyous and peaceful after this process.

Meditation is an art of relaxation

Meditation thoroughly purifies our mind, body and soul. After meditation one feels brand new. Regular meditation shifts your life to the brighter side. Morning is the most suitable time for meditation because if you begin your day nicely it leaves a glowing impact on your personality. Somehow if you can't do it in the morning then before going to bed you can devote five minutes to it. It nourishes you completely and makes you bright, healthy, alert and very efficient. If you take meditation as a daily supplement, it will grant you wisdom with the help of which you will be able to walk on the right path in life.

Meditation gives you an inner expansion. It is a filter which helps you leave all your impurities much behind and makes you emerge as a strong individual. It is a silent trainer that polishes and soothes your inner self and helps you look beyond.

For thousands of years people have practiced meditation for spiritual emotional and physical well-being, but from a scientific perspective meditation affects your body, it all starts in the brain, during meditation it is seen that it decreases anxiety, depression and along with increased pain tolerance. The proper way to meditate is when one's mind is at rest and not focusing about the outside world and this helps to increase memory and self-awareness and reduce stress.

When scientists compared the brains of Buddhist monks to new meditators, they found the region of the brain associated with to be much more pronounced in monks. The people who meditate frequently which helps them to reduce the feelings of negative mood, tension, sadness and anger. Meditation also changes our brain shape and size. Studies found that after a 8 weeks of a meditation program gray matter was more dense in areas associated with learning, memory processing and emotion regulation.

Meditation not only decrease blood pressure but it can increase the variability of your heart rate. It also plays a critical role in properly transporting oxygen and carbon dioxide throughout the body. In a study both meditator's and non meditator's were given flu virus. Meditator's were able to produce greater number of antibodies and had increased immune function.

Meditation is just getting quite. Even prayer is meditation and it is so easy thing for us to do. And there are many ways to do meditation and it doesn't hurt and there is no side effects from meditation.