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chirag Bhayani

RPA developer | Posted 15 Apr, 2019 |

What can blockchain technology be used for?

Sameer Kumar

Software engineer at HCL technologies | Posted 17 Apr, 2019

Hi Chirag, 

I am providing you some links which you can refer to in order to have a detailed understanding of Blockchain Technology, its principles, types, functions, and uses in different fields. 

Click here to know the use of Blockchain technology in the Finance sector. 

And read here the use of Blockchain in the gaming industry. 

uses-of-blockchain-technology-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Hacker Noon)

The other uses of Blockchain technology include: 

1. Car and smartphones. Your car keys and SIM cards are employing this technology. 

2. Healthcare. The health records are encoded and stored with a private key using blockchain technology. This enables only specific individuals and officials to access this information. 

3. Blockchain music. By creating a decentralized database of the produced music, Blockchain saves it from the copyright issues. 

4. Identity. The online stores and apps get to know about your searches, the sites you visit, your preferences, etc. With the help of Blockchain, your data becomes safe and the risk of it getting into the wrong hands decreases. 

5. Your passports, birth and death certificates, ID cards, etc, all are using Blockchain technology these days.   

Hope this helps. 


Posted 16 Apr, 2019

its for digital currency