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Nicky Faris

@letsuser | Posted on | Health-beauty

Are E-cigarettes as harmful as the real ones?


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E-cigarettes, also known as Vapes, are the devices run by batteries, heating a mix of nicotine, propylene, glycol, and flavor to produce a vapor to be inhaled, similar to that of cigarettes.

 The idea of E-cigarettes is that they are healthier than the conventional cigarettes and are primarily designed to reduce smoking among people. But we need to revisit this idea as E-cigarettes are doing more harm than good to people’s health all in all.

Because of comparatively lower amounts of nicotine present in E-cigarettes, some smokers take to dual smoking, consuming both, E-cigarettes and conventional cigarettes. So instead of helping to quit the bad habit of smoking, E-cigarettes increases the exposure to the harm.

Even the health risks, according to the reports, are not less in the consumption of E-cigarettes. The dual-users are said to have more breathing difficulties than only conventional cigarette users, and they harbor a higher risk of depression and anxiety.

The plan of E-cigarettes has shot back, it seems. The conventional smokers become dual smokers, hoping their habit would go away eventually, but it starts affecting them adversely. And it happens sooner than they could expect, not giving smokers much time. So the conclusion is, E-cigarettes are no rehab. If you call them an alternative, E-cigarettes are as bad as the conventional cigarettes.

Unfortunately, the market of E-cigarettes is growing and there is a gradual increase in the E-cigarette smokers. According to Delhi’s state tobacco control sell, the safety of E-cigarettes is doubtful. The government of many Indian states has deemed the device as “unapproved”, refraining it from entering the Indian markets. Delhi however, do have some Vape stores.



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