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Amayra Badoni

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What do you think of Avengers Endgame trailer Super Bowl?


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“Some people move on BUT not us… NOT US,” says Captain America, giving a cry for a war to possibly resurrect half of the world and KILL Thanos.


(Courtesy: Insider)

The latest Avengers Endgame trailer Super Bowl is intense – SUPER INTENSE. It’s also very short. 30 seconds. But every inch of that 30-second timeline is worth a watch.

We get to see our heroes, emotionally wrecked, angry, and exhausted. We see the ruins of the world that Thanos’s snap has left behind; the Statue of Liberty and Citi Field.

The Avengers Endgame trailer Super Bowl, as was expected, doesn’t give away even the slightest bit of the plot. The storyline still remains a mystery with convincing fan theories circulating in the mainstream every once in a while.

In the background, there’s a monologue by Captain America in a grim – yet hopeful – voice.

The trailer begins with shots of how destroyed the world now looks, thanks to Thanos. It moves to a place where Captain America aka Steve Rogers is assumingly attending a support group; like the army men attend after returning back from a war or mission. Right before the scene, the camera zooms towards a wall-poster that says, “Where do we go, now that they’re gone?”

Next, we see Cap clean shaved, showing a mixed emotion on his face – confused, devastated, clenching his jaws.

The next scene shows Tony Stark and Nebula working together to possibly fix Iron Man suit.

Remember in Iron Man one, how Tony creates a suit out of junk when he was captured in the middle of a nowhere? He might be trying to do the same thing even here. It’s likely though that he will fail to do this and Pepper Potts will eventually save him in her own Iron suit.

Next, we see Steve, Romanoff, Banner and War Machine rushing towards an open space, looking at the sky. Perhaps that’s Tony Stark returning from the space?

Moving along, we see Black Widow, angry, practising at the gun range. Then the shot moves to Antman and War Machine putting on their respective helmets. Then comes a close shot of Thor; he’s moving out of a cave-like place, which looks to be the place where Thanos was in the very last scene of Infinity War. (It could also be Wakanda!)

The fans are gifted the much-anticipated glimpse of Clint Barton, who still looks more like Ronin than Hawkeye, as was shown in the previous trailer of Avengers. He’s in this dark place with a red light emitting on this face.

avengers-endgame-trailer-superbowl-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Slashfilm)

And then comes the BEST part of the Avengers Endgame trailer Super Bowl – Captain America strapping his shield with a shaky hand. *GOOSEBUMPS*

The last shot sees our hero marching in a straight line, at the Avengers Headquarter, possibly going about with whatever plan they have in mind.

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In the middle we also see Rocket.

Overall, Avengers Endgame trailer Super Bowl is complete Bonkers! It’s very intense. The whole setup feels like high-stake and true Endgame for all. Also, a lot of focus is also on Steve Rogers. His voice-over dominates the trailer. Could it be because he will sacrifice himself in this movie? Will he be dying? OH GOD!!!!!

If you haven’t seen the trailer, see it here:


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