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what elements to add in your diet to avoid corona virus?


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Corona Virus has spread panic all over the world. India is also not untouched by this. Here too many people have become infected with this virus. Health experts recommend that in order to avoid this deadly epidemic, there is a need to take careful care of your food and drink.

Chinese scientists had told a few days ago that this virus makes vulnerable or elderly people their prey quickly. To avoid this, it is very important to include high anti-viral food in your diet. These things will boost the immunity system and protect you from viruses.

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Coconut oil-

It is better to use coconut oil instead of mustard oil or refined while cooking food at home. It contains lauric acid and caprylic acid which boosts your immunity system and protects it from viral.

Vitamin C, which is rich in anti-accident, also works to improve the immune system. For this, you should include things like amla, red or yellow capsicum, orange, guava and papaya in your daily diet.

Food items like grapes, blue berries, cranberries, strawberries, cocoa, dark chocolate are not only effective in parabolic rays and fungal infections, but they also protect the body from all kinds of viruses.

Star anise-
Star anise can also be used as an anti-viral medicine, which enhances flavor in food items. Shikimic acid is found in it, which is also given to patients suffering from influenza virus.

Many anti-viral elements are found in ginger. So definitely include it in your food and drink. Consuming it with fennel or honey will result in better results. Consuming ginger 3-4 times a day will keep your immune system good.

Basil is rich in elements that make the immunity system better. Taking one teaspoon of basil daily in the morning improves your immune system. Consuming it with 3-4 black pepper and one spoon of honey gives your body the strength to fight against diseases.

Many anti-viral elements are also found in garlic. Apart from soup or salad, you can also eat it raw. Consuming garlic with a spoon of honey helps to boost your immune system.