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Trishna Dhanda

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What is japanese word for blood?


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Ouch, so blood is coming out! This is what we say in English. But the same sentence does have a translation in japanese too. But here we are only going to discuss the Japanese translation of blood in the sentence. We are also going to discuss the japanese word for vampire, japanese word for red. Because vampires love to drink blood, the color of blood is red. Vampire and red color have a close connection with blood. However, discussion about japanese translation of blood dust and blood demons will also be interesting.

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1.'Chi' is the Japanese translation for the word 'blood'. There is another similar word 'Ketsueki'. But both the words have different meanings.

2.'Chi' is the naming word that resembles 'blood' in Japanese language.

Let us now explain the meaning of 'Chi' where it has been used typically.

Let us take an example of English sentence: His hand is bleeding.

Its Japanese translation is: kare no te kara chi ga de te iru.

Chi is the indication that blood is coming out.

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Have you heard of “Ketsueki” in kanji? “Ketsueki” is also used in Japanese to mean blood. Both “Ketsueki '' and "chi" have variations in the level of their formality. To express anything more formal with respect to the word 'blood', Japanese people prefer to use the word “Ketsueki ''.

It concludes that blood has two translations in Japan i.e 'chi' and 'ketsueki'. Or we can say that Japanese words that mean blood are “Ketsueki" and "chi".

Japanese word for red is interesting and it is pronounced as Aka.

Chi ni akuma is the Japanese word for blood demon.

Are you interested to know the Japanese word for vampire? Well, it is Kyūketsuki.

Last but not the least, the last two interesting Japanese translation are:
  • Japanese word for blood moon is Buraddo mūn.
  • Japanese word for bloodlust is Chimamire.
We hope you have the following Japanese translation.


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The Japanese language is considered one of the most difficult to learn with three separate writing alphabets, sentence formation is the opposite of English, and a complicated level of politeness, it's complicated for a beginner.
Blood is known as Ketsueki in Japanese language. Chishio also is used to mean the same.Chi is used to denote individuals related by blood or descended from the same ancestor.It is said as  Romaji buraddo  for blood in Hiragana which  is the correct Japanese usage of the language. 



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Traditional Japanese words for blood are jin no shi and a rei, although in modern Japanese, the word is usually written as ichigo. In English there are two nouns used to mean "blood," "blood" and "bloody." The word "blood" can be found in place of the term in the name of both TV series and awards: Blood (TV Series) or Bloody (Animated Film). There are several variations on this noun, including hiragana あちゃくさ

Letsdiskuss い.


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Japanese language is the Easter Asian language.It is the national language of Japan. Basically, it is spoken by about 128 million people. It is one the best foreign language to learn. As we know that learning foreign languages can help in business with world, trade all over the world, work from foreign countries, etc. The term 'blood' can be pronounced in Japanese language like Ketsueki, Chi, Chishio, Dokei, Tasatsu, etc. The benefits of learning Japanese is more than others. Letsdiskuss


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Japanese language is a bit difficult for the beginner as it has three types of alphabets Kanji, Hiragana and Katakana to learn, with each one having a specific role in the language. Hiragana and Katakana are phonetic alphabets and were developed from the main kanji.
There are different ways to say blood in Japanese and it depends on the usage of the word in which context.
Ketsueki is blood in the literal meaning Chi is used when you mean to say the blood relation of a person.From which ancestors they have come from. Chishio also means blood in Japanese.



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