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What is the difference between honeycomb blinds and Roller Blinds?


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Blinds, be it home or office, are now in demand more than ever. According to different preferences, people can now purchase different blinds from the market. Roman blinds, honeycomb or cellular blinds, roller blinds, etc., are some of the most popular blinds which never go out of demands. Each of these blinds vary from each other in material, purpose, and mechanism.

To answer your question specifically, let’s see how honeycomb blinds and roller blinds differ from each other:

Roller blinds are more stylish and fashionable than honeycomb blinds, whether you want a modern look, a traditional ambiance, or a classy look for your room. These blinds are generally suitable for offices. Honeycomb blinds, or cellular blinds on the other hand are vertical blinds which are best if you want providing privacy to be the primary purpose of blinds. They are the most suitable kind of blinds for your bedrooms and living rooms.

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Another difference between roller blinds and honeycomb blinds is that, while roller blinds are made up of just one fabric, honeycomb blinds are made with a combination of 2-3 fabrics.

Honeycomb blinds are made up of 2-3 kind of fabrics to offer more insulation as one purpose of these blinds is to entrap both heat and cold. Hence, honeycomb blinds are more energy efficient than roller blinds.

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Apart from these major differences, one similarity between honeycomb blinds and roller blinds is that both of them have light filtering and blackout material.  


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