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Vicky Vignesh

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What is the difference between Vertical Blinds & Roller Blinds?


Chef at Hotel Radisson | Posted on

Different types of blinds perform different functions and it depends on our preference what we choose. Also, the features that different blinds have also play an important role in the choice of blinds you make.

The two types of blinds that are most popular are vertical and roller blinds.

Vertical Blinds


These blinds have horizontal top units attached above the windows. And have louvers/vanes/slats hanging down below them. To operate the vertical blind, you just have to pull a string/cord (attached to the top unit) to rotate the slat if you want to open or close it completely, or open it partially. These blinds work through the reflection of solar heat, minimizing the amount of heat passing through them. They provide a practical yet attractive solution for controlling light and providing insulation in any office.

Roller Blinds


Like the vertical blinds, the roller blinds can be placed inside or outside the window recess. Most roller blinds are attached to aluminum tubes and attached to chain pulleys for easier functioning. You just need to pull the pulley to set the blind at your desired level. The roller blind helps in blocking glaring sunlight, preventing harmful UV light and providing privacy. They are easier to clean as you do not have to pull the whole roller blind down to do it.


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