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What was so special about super blood wolf moon lunar eclipse?


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On average, a total or partial lunar eclipse happens at least twice every year. However, it’s not visible from everywhere; only select parts of the world get to see it.

Super blood wolf moon lunar eclipse is one of the rare events when the miracle-like moon was visible from so many parts of the world. 

The eclipse was visible, in entirety, from North America, South America, and Central America. Also, France, Belgium, and Spain got to witness the moon in complete. In addition, Europe and Africa, too, got to see the eclipse; but they only saw a few parts of this entire 62-minute celestial spectacle.

Occurred at around 10:00 am IST, India missed this Chandra Grahan, along with all of Asia and Australia.

Coming to your question “what’s so special”—an eclipse, in itself, is one of the unrealistic astronomical occurrences; this one or anyone, it doesn’t matter. The moon lines into earth’s shadow, appearing tinted in hues of red, range and pick.

Letsdiskuss (Courtesy: The Indian Express)

lunar-eclipse-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Axios)

lunar-eclipse-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: Daily Express)

Beautiful, isn’t it?

The next time people in Europe will see a total lunar eclipse in its entirety will be in 2029. Americans will see the next blood moon in 2021.

So, there’s nothing “special” about super blood wolf moon lunar eclipse per se. It’s a special event in a whole for all the nature lovers and astronomy enthusiasts.

Taking about its super-long name, during the eclipse, the moon appears close to the earth. So, it’s “super moon”.

Since, in the shadow of the earth, the moon appears red and rusty in color. From there, it gets “blood moon”.

And any lunar eclipse taking place in January is, traditionally, called “wolf moon”.

Collectively, they make super blood wolf moon lunar eclipse.


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