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Satindra Chauhan

@letsuser | Posted 03 Jul, 2020 |

What is special about the lunar eclipse on 5 July 2020? How is this eclipse different for all zodiac signs?

Namrata Patawari

content writer | Posted 03 Jul, 2020

This year has been rather quick with eclipses. With the first lunar eclipse taking place on January 10, 2020, and the second one taking place just a few weeks ago on June 21st, the third one is just around the corner too. The third lunar eclipse of this year is taking place on June 5th.

There are three types of lunar eclipses, total lunar eclipse, partial lunar eclipse, and penumbral lunar eclipses. The lunar eclipse on 5th July will be a penumbral lunar eclipse which means that piles of earth's main shadow do not cover the moon. The lunar eclipse on 5th July will be seen in many parts of the world such as south/west Europe, much of Africa, parts of north as well as South America, and also the Indian ocean and Antarctica. The duration of the eclipse will be around approximately 2 hours 45 minutes and needless to say, will be viewed by millions of people worldwide through different mediums.

There is no secret in the fact that lunar eclipses of any types are sure to have astrological significance and plays a very big role in affecting the stars and planets in the life of a person. Even though it will not be wrong to say that eclipses have an impact on all the planets, the fact is that it is not equally bad for people from different zodiac signs.

The lunar eclipse taking place on June 5th, 2020 will be specifically harmful to Sagittarians. The other zodiac signs that will have comparatively milder effects will be that of cancer, Leo, and Virgo. Let's have a quick look at how the lunar eclipse is going to impact people from specific zodiacs.

• Sagittarius – it is sure to affect not just their mental health but also leave a dark shadow on their finances and money related matters. In short, it is sure to create a tense and stressful scenario.

• Gemini – with the radiation of the lunar eclipse, the Geminis might have to face problems related to their mental as well as physical health. They should stay indoors and maintain as much social distancing as possible.

• Libra – all those Librans who have a spiritual side to them, might find themselves drifting far and apart from their path of spirituality. It is highly recommended that they focus on meditation and maintain their focus on staying calm and avoiding any type of disputes arguments and fights.

• Scorpio – with the rays of the lunar eclipse falling on scorpions, they might come across a lot of sad and unpleasant news, this could be regarding accidents, ill-health, etc. They must maintain their cool, do not lose their temper and do their best to avoid any kind of confusion and arguments.

• Aquarius – if you are an Aquarius and are already dealing with certain problems in your life, then the bad news is that these problems might linger in for a longer time with you. Also, if you have children, then they might be getting impacted through disturbances and difficulties in their education as well as career. It will be time for you to not just take care of yourself but also of those around you.

Since this particular lunar eclipse will not be visible in India, it is not considered of being much significance in this part of the world. As per astrology and Hindu mythology, a Sutak period needs to maintained 9 hours before and after the eclipse, in which it is highly recommended to avoid all kinds of auspicious and celebrated events.

The other factors that are kept in mind during the Sutak period are those of offering prayers, consumption of food, stepping outside, etc.