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Medha Kapoor

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Who will be affected the most by the political manoeuvers taking place for 2019 General Elections?


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The current government’s tenure is ending this year, and all the political parting are bucking up for the impending elections. Telling who will win is quite impossible because what is there in the minds of the voters can’t even be predicted accurately by the best of political pundits.

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All we can do is guess the results on the basis of present happenings. Let’s see how are different political parties maneuvering and getting themselves ready for the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections.

BJP: The last time winner, this party is bent on leaving no stone unturned this time too. In the last three decades, this party has risen up as an influencing one in the country. When the time came to prove its mettle, however, it disappointed the public. Consequently, BJP lost the recent Assembly Elections very badly.

This party, however, includes many sports personalities and film stars, on the basis of which expectations are being made that this party can again come to power. According to various political experts, this party is too strong now to defeat, but it’s difficult for it to get the majority. BJP might have to form an alliance this time.

Congress: It is one of the oldest political parties of India. Its defeat in the last Lok Sabha elections, however, has given it a good lesson and a lot of adjustments are being done in the party. In the recent Assembly Elections, Congress performed very well and left BJP behind in winning the main Indian states.

This win has rekindled the new hopes for the upcoming elections in the party. The advantage with this party is it believes in forming alliances, and this can make things easier for them.

Regional Parties: The regional parties have their own influence and popularity in their respective states and this just can’t be ignored. Recently, BSP and SP have declared to fight the 2019 General Elections collaboratively. Shiv Sena in Maharashtra, TMC in Bengal, Janta Dal in Orissa, DMK and AIADMK in Tamil Nadu, and National Conference in Kashmir can also perform well and come to power through alliances.

So it is quite clear that each and every party is working hard to perform well in the upcoming elections.


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