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Sushil Ahirwar

@letsuser | Posted on | Education

Why engineering graduate students going to banking sector nd sales marketing sector?


Financial analyst (Mudra finance company) | Posted on

Engineering is a great course for multiple reasons, the main being the high employability of engineering graduates. The course combination that engineers have at school and university level (namely, math, science, IT and engineering) is highly desirable in the sectors other than engineering, like Finance.


Finance, banking sector, and sales and marketing sector demand numerical and analytical skills which engineers possess in high amounts, and hence these sectors attract engineers with a very high pay scale and facilities.

Apart from this, the number of engineers is increasing exponentially these days, and this forces engineers to seek some job out of their own field, so that they don’t have to face unemployment. Engineering, anyways, is a flexible profession which can be utilized in multiple ways and many sectors do so too.

According to the latest trends, it has been seen that engineering sector, despite all the efforts, still remain male-dominated, which makes women study engineering but look for jobs in other sectors. Banking sector which both security and good salary, becomes the best alternative for them.

Moreover, jobs like banking offer you a stable job and a linear growth. So those engineers who would rather find a job as soon as possible and exhaust their expertise than to sit and wait for an engineering job, are likely to join banking and other such sectors.


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