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What are some of the best TV series to watch on Netflix?


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Netflix has changed the entertainment game completely and for good. Netflix and chill is the new mantra for those who once used to spend all their time outside their homes.

Probably the best source of infotainment right now, Netflix has got many amazing series streaming on it. With some pretty good adaptations and mind blowing Netflix original series, the online streaming site is making sure that there is everything for everyone.
The Netflix series listed below are such:
Stranger Things
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It has to be on the top. The series is as mysterious as it is amazing. The thrill and suspense will keep you on your toes throughout.
Stranger Things is a perfect blend of science fiction and supernatural elements.
Breaking Bad
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It’s the story of an ordinary man who gets to know that he has cancer and realizes the need for money to support his family. So the series is about his struggles and his journey as he tastes the temptation of money and power.
Jessica Jones
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It is important because it is associated with Marvel. Jessica Jones is a detective with superhuman powers. The series has suspense and action along with all that is worth loving in Marvel Cinematic Universe.
Black Mirror
best-netflix-series-letsdiskuss (Courtesy: The New Yorker)
Black Mirror is back with its fifth season with its dystopian take on life. With things like social media, robots, and VR sex brought back to life, this series gives you chills and pleasure at the same time.