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The science of being lazy and successful

Have you ever deemed useless by people just because you are lazy enough to reach everywhere late, and procrastinate in everything? Next time they do so, tell all those slaves of time that you are going to be hell successful, and it is a scientifically proven fact!

Meetali Asiwal

@ English content writer | Posted 10 Sep, 2018 | Science & Technology

Posted By: Meetali Asiwal (Updated 11 Sep, 2018)

Why Those Who are Lazy, are More Successful and Healthy Scientifically

Are you also one of those who get up in the morning after several alarms already snoozed up and after getting chided by your mom continuously?

Do you also have the habit of stretching your projects and presentations to the deadlines which have already been postponed for the lazy-heads like you?

And do you also count yourself among the rightful heirs of those two great procrastinators, Hamlet and Prufrock?

If you find all the above situations damn relatable, then you are up for a successful, healthy, productive, and long life, scientifically.  

I know, no moment could be happier than this –when your laziness gets legitimized scientifically.

Psychologists have actually seen a co-relation between being late and being stress-free, which helps you lead a healthy life than those who are more time-bound, and hence stressed.

There are a lot of positive traits that are said to be possessed in a lazy being. According to Diana Delonzor’s Never late again, those who are chronologically laid back, are not only more optimistic, but also more unrealistic.

You’d relate to this and praise yourself (that’s what I’m doing right now). Have you ever woken up in the morning, thought that you have enough time to reach at work, gone to sleep again, and ended up reaching late?

And even after knowing, by experience, that you’d be late, have you tried doing the same amount of work in the less time than it actually needs?

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Yes, my friend, that’s the kind of optimism psychologists talk about when they relate laziness with optimism. You know it’s unrealistic, but you’d still try to do it, thinking of thousand creative ways to do it in lesser time, instead of following the prescribed way and doing the work in the prescribed time.   

This takes us to the next trait that such people possess, that is, being creative. This is what science means when it predicts lazy people to be more successful. The degrees of creativity they possess are so high that they’d always look for more and more innovative ways to do the same task. All they’d want is the way which takes the least effort, and this habit makes them much more efficient as well.

They try to conquer what rules all –time, from a very early age in their life, which keeps them stress free almost all the time. This results in better health conditions than others in later life.

Here’s another incident with which you’d relate if you also fall in this category. Have you ever wanted not to waste time on booking tickets and making prior arrangements for a vacation, and just pack your bag with some stuff and leave for a real adventure?

This saving of formalities and extra efforts make you spontaneous which keeps you playful and cheerful all your life.

Such people think that a lot of things can be incorporated in a certain amount of time and hence end up taking a lot on their hands. Many hobbies, many skills to learn, many places to visit, many people to meet, and so on. Way too multi-tasking!

Other traits that psychologists find in lazy people are indiscipline, high-spirit, a lot of enthusiasm, and disorganization. They keep on delaying and pushing things to the edge, but still are able to save everything from falling apart. Only lazy people have this special capability. They are the ones who are multitasking, and this makes them almost a perfectionist.  

All this stress-free, relaxed, and cheerful outlook towards life and that great conqueror, time, helps in deflecting away a lot of health problems, as per Harvard Medical School. Lower blood pressure, greater cardiovascular health, lower stroke risks, and lower chance of depression are some of the benefits that lazy people have on their side.

So next time your mom chides you for being lazy, or your friend fights you for not reaching on time, don’t forget the benefits of being in your own time zone where your creative, relaxed self has a lot more to do than they can ever think of.