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Who is the water man of India?


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The name of the person is Rajendra Singh, better known as Jal Purush or the water man of India. With his origins in Rajasthan, Rajendra Singh is widely known for his sensitivity and awareness towards the water-crisis that could even lead to the third world war in the future.


Rajendra Singh is an interesting man to know as despite not facing any kind of water crisis in his own childhood, he was able to acquire a sense of activism towards saving what C.V. Raman calls the “elixir of life”.

Leading to the revival of 5 rivers in Rajasthan is just the beginning of the long lists of steps he took so far for water preservation and management. Rajendra Singh is the recipient of two great honors, the Stockholm Water Prize (also known as the Water Noble Prize) in 2016 and the Ramon Magsaysay Award in 2001.

(Courtesy: Newflick, Twitter) 

His other achievements include the running of the NGO “Tarun Bharat Sangh” with around 250 workers and employees and getting mentioned in The Guardian’s list of 50 people who could save the planet.

The current battle that he is fighting is against the dams which are splitting the river Ganges from its tributaries. The Ganges is the river whose water he has consumed as a child. Seeing it silting away is what disturbs him the most. The damns which were “the temples of modern India” for Jawahar Lal Nehru are nothing more than “*****” constructions for the water man of India.


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That really nice we need these type of person .


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