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Brijesh Mishra

Businessman | Posted on | news-current-topics

Why is Priyanka Gandhi not fit for active politics?


News reporter (CEN News ) | Posted on

In Priyanka Gandhi, people see the image of Indira Gandhi. 


And everyone knows how much disturbed are other parties with the news of her entering into the politics

For Congress, having her at their side is also a sigh of relief; her persona is that strong. 

So it's quite obvious that to fade away the Priyanka-effect, BJP leaders are indulging into the war of words against her. 

Your question, I see, is the result of brain wash that such words are meant to do.

BJP MP, Subramanian Swamy recently called Priyanka Gandhi unfit of any influential Political position as she has suffered from Bipolar Disorder, a mental illness, in the past. According to Swamy, she used to physically abuse people as well.

It is in this light that BJP leaders are continuosly calling Priyanka Gandhi ill-suited and ineffectual for the task she has beenade to join her brother's party. 

I don't think the claim is valid. No matter how well or unwell was Priyanka Gandhi's past, her present situation, her style of addressing the public, and her concern for the public shows that she is bound to make a strong leader. 

People see her as the new hope for Rahul Gandhi, and that she really is. 


Blogger | Posted on

Priyanka is more keen than RaGa and look savvy she take after Mrs Gandhi yet doesn't have the political discernment like her grandma. Presumably she was not uncovered like her grandma as even her dad Rajiv was all of a sudden pushed into governmental issues. The greatest obstruction is her significant other Vadra who is involved in different nepotism issues which will be prevention to her political profession. On top to me her mom isn't supporting her as much she improves the situation RaDa.


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