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Does doing internship in NGOs add to our overall education and learning?

Ram kumar Technical executive - Intarvo technologies | Posted 03 Dec, 2018

There are many NGOs in various cities of India which provide free education to slum children and to the children belonging to economically weaker section of the society. So when you join any NGO and take the responsibility of these educationally deprived kids, you don’t only teach, but also learn. (Courtesy: these days are... Read More

By Meetali Asiwal (English content writer )

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I want to know what is Process to take admission for M. Com In delhi ?

kamlesh mehra accountant at Indo Gulf Garments Trading LLC | Posted 21 Nov, 2018

M.COM (Masters of Commerce) is the postgraduate course opted by candidates after perusing bachelors degree (an undergraduate course) either in commerce or arts with minimum 50%-60% approx. as per the degree. It is available as a regular course as well as in distance learning programme option also. M.COM colleges in Delhi educate students in subjects... Read More

By Shikha Kudesia (Content writer and teacher also)

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What career options does a student of Arts stream have after passing 12th?

Sneha Bhatiya Student ( Makhan Lal Chaturvedi University ,Bhopal) | Updated 10 Aug, 2018

I am happy that you asked this question as there are not many young minds inclined towards the study of Arts and Humanities these days. Youth today either wants to be an expert in technology or a successful entrepreneur. Those who don’t want these, go for government jobs. The unprecedented invasion of commercialism and technology in our... Read More

By Meetali Asiwal (English content writer )

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Telling from the experience of a student, coaching centers hardly make any difference when it comes to actually study. I was taking coaching at a reputed institute when I was in 11th standard to crack PMT and AIIMS exam and had a very bad experience. (Courtesy: coaching institutes which claim to get us through these tough entrance... Read More

By Amayra Badoni (Student (Delhi University))

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Well, honestly, you can’t! Unless, of course, you’re a prodigy. But then given you didn’t study all year long, it’s safe to assume that you aren’t a prodigy. So, you can’t really cover all your course of 10th CBSE in two months. BUT don’t panic now. You don’t really have to cover “all” the course for your boards. It might not... Read More

By Preeti Taneja (Entrepreneur)

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digital marketing

India why do not touch to full digital panal.

sushil seo digital marketing | Posted 11 Dec, 2018

HVAC Engineer

What is it like to be an HVAC designer?

Kundan Singh HVAC Engineer | Posted 05 Nov, 2018

Founder & CEO at AERO2ASTRO

15 Smart Ways to Promote Your YouTube Videos?

social media Founder & CEO at AERO2ASTRO | Posted 17 Oct, 2018