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Styen had taken retirement from test cricket in 2019.He was a fast bowler for south african cricket team Steyn played 93 ..Show more
When  Did Dale Steyn take retirement from cricket?

Football is the king of sports it is the most watch and popular in all around the world.The ball is 68–70 cm in bo ..Show more
Which sport is known as the King of sports?

Yes,i am a fan of sports.In sports i love cricket i started playing cricket from my childhood so many good memories are ..Show more
Are you a fan of sports?   What sport   would you like to be part of?

Virat Kohli   Virat kohli is a indian captian in all three formats of the game.He is a great sportsman as well as t ..Show more
Name few popular sportsmen

Leg before wicket (LBW) comes under in cricket.It is one of the rule of batsman getting out in a match.It works when the ..Show more
LBW is related to which sports?

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