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Post sttuffonix

Blogger | Posted 17 Nov, 2018 |

Are non-flying drones being used in the military for combat?

ankit Sharma

Director | Posted 07 May, 2020

Do you mean shielding themselves unattended, or being fit for aerial battle (having the option to destroy adversary planes/rambles before being killed itself)?

dinesh kumar

Blogger | Posted 27 Nov, 2018

Well, The non-flying drones are the ground based drones which are not capable of flying. In Military recently they introduced a term called UGV meaning unmanned ground vehicles. These are generally used to carry and supply the troops, weapons, etc. It is just used to carry missile and used in the drone strikes. Nowadays non-flying drones are generally used as the unmanned ground vehicles (UGV’s)

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Normally the term drone will make you feel only as the flying one and not the ground based drones. But the fact is that still the ground based drones are used in the military, Even the size may vary from the small drones to the large panzer which are controlled by a remote device. The main advantage of using the drones in the military for combat is that it saves many lives of army people by carrying dangerous weapons and missiles. Also, it can be designed in any size which makes it easier to hide from the enemies or opposition. Compared to the humans, drones have the most pinpoint accuracy in attacking the target. Thus these advantages makes the non-flying drones a non-replaceable thing in the military for combat.