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132 Years of Congress in India

Going into the history of the Congress it was founded on this day 28th December in 1885 by Allan Octavian Hume At that time the Party largely constituted of the elite Britisheducated Indians and did not work for the interests of the masses of India The main aim of the Congress at that time was to hold political dialogues among the elite and educated Indians It was this reason that Congress was criticized for its British inclinations and foreign ways of functioning .

Abdul Malik

@ News reporter (CEN News ) | Posted 28 Dec, 2018 | Current Topics

Posted By: Abdul Malik (Posted 28 Dec, 2018)

Congress: Past and Present

Today, in 2018, the first sensation that takes a toll on our mind as we hear the word “Congress”, is the fear of Rahul Gandhi becoming the Prime Minister next year. The second thing, of course, is the dynastic politics of the Gandhi family.

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Among these surfacing ideas …

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